About Us

The Horse Foundation is dedicated to preserving the well being of all horses in North America. The Horse Foundation will work toward this goal by providing funding for educational programs, awareness campaigns, and other operations dedicated to supporting horse culture and horse preservation.


The Horse Foundation is organized to promote the education of horse husbandry, raise awareness of equestrian health and nutritional best practices, to support horse rescue operations and equestrian educational programs. The Horse Foundation also supports horse sport as a way of protecting horses from abuse, neglect, and abandonment.


The Horse Foundation plans to raise funds, develop educational programs, implement awareness campaigns, and fund programs that support horse well being. Particular focus will be placed on horse rescue facilities. These types of facilities rely heavily on donations to carry out their functions of rescuing neglected and abused horses, rehabilitating them, and finding suitable owners for the horse’s continued care and protection. The Horse Foundation will work as a fund raising arm to see that horse rescue operations have enough funds to operate efficiently.